Something wicked this way comes....

I came out of the grocery store one evening last week and this was the sky.

It was really wicked looking. I just had to stop and take some photos. When I got home I posted the pics on Facebook.

Check out the 3 lights in the clouds on this one. It kind of freaked me out. 

Then a friend of mine commented that she thought it was the space station. Her grandson, who is also my great nephew, is very interested in the space station and he told her that it was going to be close enough to earth to see it. She sent me a link he sent her. So I went to the link and saw the time chart and it was supposed to be over my area around 8:00 that night, which was around the time I took the random picture. So I guess I accidentally got a picture of the space station. She said they had this online showing the shape of it in the night sky. I bet if the dark blue clouds were not in the sky I wouldn't have gotten such a cool picture of it. 

How cool was that?


Jeanette said...

Very cool! We watched the space station fly by earlier this year! It's pretty amazing!

Terri D said...

You pegged it...a wicked sky indeed! It matches your blog background perfectly, by the way. Very cool that you got a photo of the space station! Wow!

Debbie Huffaker said...

So neat!! I always love seeing that big American flag flying over Food City!!! ;-) HOPE things are well with you and your hubby. Keep me posted. We're still praying.