Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was just full of surprises. I started off with a friend of mine showing up unexpectedly at my office with a goody basket. I was so glad to see her and not just because of the goodies. 

I love my new notebook and pen. 

And what a beautiful box of tissues. That is such a pretty scene.

She knows me so well. I love hot chocolate and Believe is one of my favorite words. 

With fall arriving, I have been wearing my new socks all weekend. My feet have stayed warm and toasty. I always tell anybody that the way to my heart is warm socks. 

As you have probably noticed, I love to monogram everything with B (my nickname). Now I have a note pad in the shape of a B and a new box of Junior Mints. The Junior Mints didn't make it through the weekend.

Another friend brought me over a box of yarn. I love the fall colors. I will use it for some of my plastic canvas projects. 

My sister came to town this weekend and she bought me this lovely Women's Devotional and a new cook book, which also has some crafts. I love them both. 

A year or more ago, my sister had a yard sale. She sent me pics of the display tables and I shopped by phone letting her know what I wanted. We haven't been able to get together since then. So when she came down this weekend, she brought me what I had bought. I am so happy with it all. The mermaid pic is going in the beach bathroom. 

A nice warm afghan for my blanket basket. I love having different blankies and afghans to choose from. 

A beautiful beach picture. This may go in my home office. 

A cute little primitive pillow for my bedroom.

I loved this vase but don't know where I might put it. 

And this wonderful craft basket. I have wanted one of these to set at the end of the couch to hold whatever current project I am working on for my yarn crafts. 

Sunday we had a little "carnival style" party for the kids at Children's Church. These were the games I created for them.

Don't you just love the spiders and brooms. Made them up myself with no instructions. Kind of proud of them.

Came home from church and had lunch. Then I just vegged out the rest of the day. Felt great.


Terri D said...

What wonderful gifts and doo-dads!! Wow!! Love the spider and brooms. Very clever! Thanks for sharing the fun!

Debbie Huffaker said...

You certainly had a gift-filled weekend!!! Glad you got to enjoy time with your sister....what a special relationship. Happy Tuesday!