Black Friday is running into Saturday....

I had an amazing shopping day yesterday. My daughter-in-law and I always go the same general direction so I was able to meet up with her several times. That always makes the day better when you share shopping experiences. We seem to always end up at Target at the same time. I love shopping there on Black Friday. 

My daughter worked yesterday so I promised her we would Black Friday shop together today. So we are having Black Saturday. In our tradition, we will head out to Turkey Creek & The Pinnacle in Knoxville. Looking forward to some good deals. Yesterday was full of some great bargains. My favorite deals of the day was at Kohl's. I bought 7 items on my list at Kohl's. After their sales deals and my 15% off entire purchase coupon, my total with tax was.....$46.74 for SEVEN really nice gifts. But the amazing fact was they show you what you saved off of their regular retail price. My savings? Are you ready for this......

$123.21 SAVED 

 You can't beat a deal like that! Wonder what awesome bargains I will get today?

I am really excited about lunch because we always eat at my favorite place when we go to Turkey Creek. Steak & Shake.

Steak 'n Shake - Cape Coral, FL, United States. Classic double cheeseburger & fries with a chocolate banana milkshake!!!

It's going to be another great day.


Simply Linda said...

{{{wail--smiles}}}} I miss Steak and Shake...good buys, Brenda..Blessings

Terri D said...

I'm so happy you had such a good shopping day Friday, and also another one today with your daughter! You really got some great deals at Kohl's!!