My Christmas Decor...

I have been decorated almost two weeks, but just now slowing down enough to take pictures. 

I love my snowflake Pyrex. I want to try to find more of it before next Christmas.

My Charlie Brown Tree.

My wine rack decor is some of my favorite with the aquas and reds. 

I got the little bird house and S & P shakers at yard sales. 

My dishtowel my friend Stevie made me that started my whole aqua/red obsession for Christmas in my kitchen. 

I made this little display a couple of years ago. I love these type of Santa's and snowmen.

Some people do most snowmen some mostly Santa. I am a Santa kind of gal.

My sister-in-law made me the middle and right pillows over 20 years ago. I absolutely love them still.

My brother made me this corner shelf that holds my pencil Santas. I need to find me some more of them.

Mom made me this little Christmas mouse. Every year my granddaughter Shelby tells me there is a rat hanging on my wall. 

Two of my favorite Christmas items. My grandson Garret made me the tree when he was only around four years old. My mom made me the deer over 30 years ago. The tea cup is a recent gift from my friend Kristi.

My little basket of poinsettias was bought for me by Mamaw Eden when I was 5. That makes them 54 years old. They are the first things I set out every year.

One of my most prized Christmas pieces because it has My Grands listed on Santa's list. I love this.

Snoopy in his favorite hat. My niece Makenzie fell in love with him when she came to visit. She is only two. She "borrowed" him to spend the night at the hotel when she is down. But she did bring him back.

I made the little basket in front of the fireplace out of chicken wire when I was only 19 or 20. Me, mom, and Mamaw Eden got together and made them one day. 

Some of my favorite figurines in one of the book shelves my daddy made years ago.

My jingle bell door ringer from Old Time Pottery. A new addition to my Christmas this year. 

I love my table setting. The bowl is full of pine cones my granddaughter Alexis picked for me. 

And I love my tree. I am an icicle queen so there is a lot of icicles on it.

There you have it. Christmas at the Keefer house. 


Simply Linda said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm moving in, lol...right after I visit with Billie Jo (fellow blogger) and many others, giggling. Thank you for sharing, I just love the Pyrex you have. Many Holiday Blessings to you.

ThrifterSisters said...

I adore aqua and red together and was so happy to see so much of it in the Christmas section at Hobby Lobby.

And of course, I am loving the snowflake Pyrex. I collect that pattern too. Haven't gotten around to blogging my Christmas decor yet. But I did post lots of pictures on Instagram.

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!


Terri D said...

Thanks for the tour of your lovely home and great decorations! I haven't seen a tree with icicles on it in years...and I LOVE it. Why did we stop using icicles? They look so great!!

Old Time Pottery said...

Thanks for coming in and making us a part of your lovely Christmas decor!