A Pinterest idea refined to my tastes...

I love getting ideas on Pinterest and turning it into something that fits my taste and style. I saw this and like it, but I really thought it needed a more country look. But I did like the premise.

My first thought was that I could do something with the salt and pepper shakers my daughter got me for Christmas. 

So over the past two weeks I started gathering things. I liked the idea of flowers, but I really didn't want solid pink since my kitchen is multi-colored. I found these for 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby so I got them for $4.98 for the bunch.

I have a vintage McCoy pitcher from the 1960's. My cousin Patty and I had bought it for our Mamaw. When she passed away, Patty made sure it got to me. So I try to use it in my kitchen with flowers whenever I can. 

I thought the flowers looked pretty good in the pitcher. 

On a recent trip to Hobby Lobby, I found this tray in some of their new spring products. It was 50% off so I got it for $9.99. Love how it looks weathered and old.

I did like the red and cream dishcloth idea in the Pinterest pic. I found this for $2.99 at Hobby Lobby as well.

Picked up some romantic looking material. 

Cut it into a heart shape and used hot glue to create a little pillow with some fiber fill inside. I hot glued a little button for an extra touch. 

I love the nesting chicken salt dips and had one with a little blue color splattered in it. I thought that would add a little contrast of color as well. 

 So I put together my arrangement based on the Pinterest idea and I must say for my taste, this is absolutely perfect. I keep going in the kitchen just to look at it. I am going for this country farmhouse theme and I think this fits right in.

What do you think?


Simply Linda said...

Very pretty! I like yours. Blessings!

ThrifterSisters said...

It's perfect! We recently just got a Hobby Lobby and I can't stay out of it! They have such good deals and so much cute stuff. I went a little crazy with the flamingo things the other day. Can't wait for Spring!


Tori Leslie said...

So pretty!

Mary Hutchins said...

I like it. I think you did a great job making it more country! Looks great!

Amy said...

Love it!! I have a cookie jar that looks identical to the rooster shaker!

Rachel said...

Love it! Looks really good!