A quick little craft project....

We were snowed in in my county yesterday. I was able to work from home, but once quitting time hit I needed a computer break. So I decided to experiment with a craft that was simple and easy. I went through the closet and found an old dusty picture frame. Gathered some various sheets of scrapbook paper, a knife to open up the brads on the frame and some scissors to trim the paper.

I didn't really have any sheets I liked for my particular purpose so I experimented. You simply put your paper in your frame and have an instant, pretty dry erase board. I had some knotty pine which would look good in a log home.

 I decided to use a sheet of Christmas paper to see how it would do. Then I realized I had grabbed a Sharpie instead of a dry-erase.

But I remembered an old trick. If you use Sharpie on dry-erase boards this works so I figured it should work on glass. Simply squirt on some Germ X and wipe it off. Comes clean and you can still use your dry erase on the board or in this case, glass.

This would be cute paper for a kid's room that you could write their chores on for the day. Excuse the pink heart, apparently I need to go buy new dry erase markers. Only had two and one was almost dried out.

Cute teacher's gift with this chalkboard like scrapbook paper.

These little hearts were cute for Valentine's day decor. You could even change your board out every season with different scrapbook backgrounds. They say you can use fabric as well, but I didn't have anything good for this project so I stuck with scrapbook.

I finally ended up leaving this sheet in to put my Thirty-One parties on in my home office. Still not what I wanted but short of going out to the craft store, this was the best I could do. I want to do one for my kitchen that I can write my grocery list on when I think of something I need. 

And yes, I just noticed my frame is coming lose on the corner. I will have to glue that. As soon as I can get out, I am heading to Hobby Lobby for more scrapbook paper and Dollar Tree to check out a better frame. I want to find one with a wider frame so I can add some buttons or bows to glitz it up some. Hope you have a great day. Stay safe and warm if you got any of the snow.


Terri D said...

You always have the cutest ideas to share! Stay safe and warm up there! It's going to be a rough few days for folks "up north"!!

Simply Linda said...

I like this idea, Brenda!! AND whoa on the snow!!! TOO COOL!!! Many Blessings to you, friend.