A re-do...

As I am redoing my bedroom, I am organizing other parts of my home as well. I found these neat ideas on other blogs. I may use some of them; I may not. But thought they were worth sharing. The first one is Dollar Tree candle holders glued to Dollar Tree plates to make a catch all stand.

My earrings are a mess. My whole jewelry box is. I love the idea of sorting my little jewelry into ice trays. I have about 3 spare ice trays so no purchase needed.

Love this beach style basket. It comes from Dollar Tree. I may pick one up today for my beach bathroom to hold spare toilet paper rolls. Or to put in my bedroom to hold something. 

If I don't like the ice tray idea for my earrings, I may get one of these jewelry organizers. I could decorate the top of the box with scrapbook paper, making it a little more festive.

I am forever having to dig for my hair dryer. Love this idea, only I would hook it to the side of my cabinet. My bathroom is situated in such a way that it would make it out of sight if I did that.

Well heading out to pic up a couple of things and then back home to finish the bedroom redo. I am feeling back to normal and I'm a lot more comfortable now that I got all my bushy hair cut off. I have really thick natural curly hair so when it get damp or humid my hair explodes unless it is short. I saw this on Facebook and thought it was too cute not to share for all of you that have the same hair issues I have. 

Have a happy Saturday!


ThrifterSisters said...

For my sisters baby shower, I made a bunch of those stands with the candle holders and plates to hold treats and appetizers. I used pretty vintage thrifted plates. And you must buy that basket! Even if you don't quite know what you will use it for yet. It's perfect!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Terri D said...

Great ideas - but you always have great ideas! My hair just gets bigger, too. I have to keep it short for the same reason you do. Keep us posted on the re-do!!

Simply Linda said...

I really all the ideas and love the basket idea for hair product items...and I wish I had thick hair---on humid days (far and few in between here in NY) my hair is flat..flat, flat, flat, LOL

Jeanette said...

I have thick hair that explodes in humidity, too! I'm not quite ready to cut it short yet, though, so I either tie it back or put a scarf on it!