Friday Foto Friends

I'm hooking up today with Breathing in Grace for some Friday Foto Friends. 

You all know my love of Pyrex. One of the oldest and favorite sets I own is the Primary Colors. They are old with scratches and fading and have lost some of their shine. But I didn't collect them because of the beauty, I collected this set because of the memories. 

Growing up, Mom purchased this set when it came out in the 50's. There are so many memories attached to each one. My sister has the same set and she too remembers each ones use. Now I am sure Mom used them all the time and that she used them for more things that what we remember. But our fondest is memory of the big yellow bowl was the fact that she used this every time she made homemade peanut butter cookies. She would mix the dough and let it refrigerate for 3 hours. Then we would help roll it into balls and squish it down with forks. When I married Allen, he came with a yellow Pyrex bowl and that is the one I still have. We had it for 30 years before I even started collecting Pyrex. And yes, many times it has been used for Mom's peanut butter cookie recipe.

The next one was the green bowl. It is funny, but neither of us can really remember much about the green bowl other than she would serve food in it on the table for Sunday dinners. Probably mashed potatoes or corn or green beans. I had a hard time finding this piece when I started collecting and it was the last one to my set. I was so excited that I don't remember where it came from. Of the remaining pieces of my set, my niece Amy found one for me. A friend from West Virginia found one for me. And I found the other one at an antique store for $8.00. I think I found the green, Amy the red and my friend the blue. But I'm not sure. The important thing is that I cherish each one because of the memories of my childhood.

Mom's red bowl was my favorite. It's primary function was a very important part of my life....to make chocolate icing for cakes. I still use my red one for that to this day. And it is Mom's recipe, which belonged to my grandmother. So there are a lot of memories tied up in the old red bowl. The best part was getting to lick the beaters and the bowl when the icing was finished. I have to admit that I still lick the beaters and bowls. Somethings are hard to outgrow. This one gets a lot of use and you can tell by the loss of color that the previous owner used it a lot as well.

And the last one brings back memories of Daddy as well as Mommy. This was the cornbread bowl. My daddy loved his cornbread. He loved to break it up in buttermilk for a nighttime snack...which to me was totally gross. I don't eat cornbread OR buttermilk. But Mom always used this blue bowl to make him homemade cornbread and she always made it in her medium size iron skillet.

So even though my set is not pristine or in mint condition, I think you will understand why it is among one of the favorites I own. 

Ms. Debbie at Breathing in Grace actually shared a set of these with me on Facebook last night and that is what inspired me to show my beauties off on Friday Foto Friends. Jump over to Breathing in Grace and share some of your photos today. 


Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh, such sweet memories. I'm so glad you have a set of your own.....and your sister, too. I always think of you when I see Pyrex...even the few pieces I own. Thanks for linking up....stay safe this weekend....it's gonna be bad if the prediction is right. :( I want spring!!!

Simply Linda said...

My mom, Brenda, has the same set and fond memories of what they were used for (specifically what they were used for)...thank you for sharing--and for the smiles. Blessings

Stacey Schneller said...

My mom used to have a set of bowls like that. I remember her having them when I was younger. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Mary Hutchins said...

Good Morning Brenda! I always enjoy pictures of your pyrex collection. I don't collect it but I love it...have a great day. Hope you stay warm I know it's brrrr cold in your part of the world.

Terri D said...

Now that I have the big orange bowl, I need to start looking for the other sizes! You always inspire me!!

Phoebes World said...

Oh Im a Pyrex lover too. I just love your collection. Im looking for some pink ones right now. My friend has some and they are so pretty.
Have a great weekend
Phoebe x

Tori Leslie said...

Those are great and even more special that they've weathered the years so well.