Heading out....

Starting my day off by going to our Young at Heart meeting at church. We get together to fellowship and feast once a month. In the winter, we do it in the morning so that means the meal will be breakfast. Margaret fixes the best breakfast ever and we are invited to bring anything we want. I am taking my new favorite recipe. It is Cinnamon Roll French Toast Bake. It is cinnamon rolls, then covered with a mixture of eggs, milk and cinnamon. Then you pour on some syrup. Bake it and then cover with the cinnamon roll icing. It is too die for. I took it for our Sunday School class (we are Baptist, we eat any time we can) and it was a huge hit. Not one bite was left. 

After Young at Heart, I plan on heading over to Real Deal Warehouse where you can always find some great deals. They buy close outs so the stock is ever changing. One time, I got $27.00 worth of retail for $6 something.

They posted they had new book stock in for $2 each so I want to check that out today.

While I am out and about, I want to start pricing and looking at new Corelle dishes. I have a couple sets of nice dishes/china but I want to get me a set for every day. I want to go to Corelle because I am not buying a full service since I already have that. I just wanted a couple of plates and bowls for my every day use.

Since there is a Skecher outlet near the Corning/Corelle outlet, I plan on stopping in to see if they have these shoes. I am not getting them yet, but these may be the new shoes I get for my Thirty-One National Conference. I have a pair in white and they are super comfy, but get dirty so easy. I want to check out what colors they come in. They are Go Walk Flash and your feet will never hurt again in these. I wore them last year. We walked over 24 miles in 3 days and my feet did not hurt one single time. 

skechers go walk flash - Google Search:

Speaking of National Conference, I am starting to check out manicures to see what hits my fancy. I normally go with pink because it is Thirty-One's signature color. But I will be carrying a lot of my navy products so I may go with a red to compliment the navy. And of course my accent nail will be a sparkling silver or glittery white. That's become like my signature manicure. Always the ring finger with an accent color and the accent is almost always silver sparkle or white glittery.

red sparkly manicure - Google Search:

Well as you can see I have a busy day. This is the start of a 3 day weekend so I am excited to get going. Have a great weekend. 


Simply Linda said...

Oh my that cinnamon bread looks so good!! I love Corelle, and have a set that is 27 years old. Have a beautiful day, friend.

Terri D said...

Wow, that cinnamon dish does look decadent!! I have everyday Corelle dishes and love them.