It's Saturday....

First, I want to share a little excitement for my Pyrex lovers. Look what I got! I put a few items in my trade group and said I was looking for the turquoise mixing bowl in any size. In my area, this turquoise is hard to find and hard to get anybody to trade once they do get them. 

Imaging my surprise when the aunt of my friend Stevie posted that she had one she would trade me for my barbed wire divided dish. And she brought it to my house that very night and we swapped out. This baby is in mint condition. I am so happy. It's the 403 which is the perfect size for making cookies, cakes, frosting. So this weekend I am going to break it in by making a white cake (Duncan Hines) with my homemade chocolate icing. 

I am loving the new blue tons of funds wallet. I've been carrying it all week with my zip top organizing utility tote to work every day. 

I got my product cards in and a few samples of some of the new Jewell by Thirty-One purse swatches. I am in love with the yellow. I need to find something in that pattern to earn for my upcoming open house.

I picked up Alexis after work yesterday to spend the weekend with me. We playing a great game of Life last night. We had a blast. I think she wants to learn to play Mille Bourns tonight.

We have a busy day planned. Starting off by heading to McKay's this morning to exchange some books. These are just my two bags of books to cash in. She has two in my car that are even fuller and heavier than my bags. Her bags were so heavy we agreed it didn't make sense to carry them in last night. I think we will have to take hers in and drop them at the drop off then go back and get mine. Out of all four bags, they are all too heavy for her to carry. We got a good laugh out of it when we realized I have four bags to carry.

On a happy note, I have been looking everywhere for my little Letters of London mini-wallet. It is perfect for when I just need my license and some cash to run to the store. It has been missing about two month. But when I went to get back for my books, I found it neatly tucked in the front pocket of my tote.

After McKay's we are going to the big launch part for Kelsey's new CD. 

We have a full day planned. 

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