My bedroom re-do

I started on my bedroom this weekend. This was what it originally looked like.

I toyed with the idea of putting a bedspread that had beach stuff on it, but then if I get tired of the beach theme (yeah, right) I would have to get a new spread. Plus most of the ones I found were comforters not quilts and I don't like that. But I was wanting lighter airy colors so I went with the blues of the sky and ocean and the yellow for the sunshine. 

I got Allen this quilt to give him for Christmas. But when he got sick and went to the hospital I had a feeling he wouldn't be coming home and he always froze so much so I just gave it to him at the hospital as an early gift. 

My friend Janis gave me a warm blanket for Christmas and I put it on the foot of the bed. The blue is perfect with the light blue in the quilt. I throw it on at night for extra warmth. I love it.

Allen owns two really nice kites that he always took to fly at the beach. We have a lot of fond memories with those kites. Once when their was a military base at the beach, we stayed on the end close to the airport on base. A jet was taking off when he was flying his kite and the kite was so high that the jet buzzed it a couple of times. So we bought this sweater one year for my bear, Ted E. I figured this would be the perfect place for him.

I blue up one of my favorite pics of us and put it on his dresser. 

I still have more to do and a few other things to pick up, but it is a nice start.


Tori Leslie said...

Love that quilt. It's all looks so cozy!

Simply Linda said...

{{{sending you much love}}---love what you did, Brenda. Keeping you in prayer.

Terri D said...

I like the transition and your choice of color! The blues really brighten up the room. Great job!!

Rachel said...

I love it! That's a really good picture!