My rambling thoughts for Thursday....

A couple of years ago, hubby and I were at the beach when it was a Harvest moon. We watched the entire rise of the moon. It was awesome.

I am finally getting motivated to write my book I have said I wanted to write for years. I wrote a little one about 42 pages about 10 or more years ago. This is a photo that was on the back cover. It is our yard and the view of our old country road.

I saw this post and it made me shudder. I guess this is what you get when a dog lover marries a Pyrex collector. But oh, I cannot see me doing this with my beautiful Pyrex.

Thought this was just a cute post.

I found this on an old post. I need to find the directions for it. It's too cute.

I would love to find this little hob nail milk glass piece. I have never seen it before. Isn't it a beauty.

I got this card at a yard sale for just $2 or $3 a couple of years ago. I still haven't done anything with it. It has taken me this long to finally decide on a color. I am going to go with yellow. Question for you refinishers....spray paint of brush paint?

And last but not least....Not the first time I saw this and I'm sure it won't be the last....but it makes me laugh every time. 

And I have a question. Do any of you see your followers number fluctuate. I have lost 9 followers in the last two weeks. I just found it strange. I lost seven of them overnight last week. Then another one two days ago and one yesterday. This hasn't happened before and I thought it was strange. It's no big deal because my page views have continually climbing. I hat the highest page views ever on my blog one day this week. But it just makes me wonder why all of a sudden like that. Am I getting boring? Have I done or written something offensive? Who knows. Just curious if anybody else ever had that happen. 


Simply Linda said...

It's Blogger, Brenda. They made changes--go to Bloggers homepage and read about. sorry, I don't have the link in front of me at the moment)---I always enjoy visiting here--although my time visiting will be sporadic due to school, smiles.

Debbie Huffaker said...
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Debbie Huffaker said...

I think the follower issue has to do with changes Google made. Those without a Google account can't follow or comment, so follower count dropped. Great news about your book....what's it going to be about? And I would use Krylon spray paint for metal. It's a great paint...Wal-Mart has it!!

ThrifterSisters said...

My sister uses an Early American 444 Cinderella bowl as the water dish for her dog. The only reason I am okay with it is that I'm not a big fan of that pattern. Now if it was a turquoise or pink? I'd be taking that bowl! I can't believe you still haven't painted that cart! I have 2 in my kitchen and don't know what I'd do without them. One is aqua and one is red. I can see you doing red or yellow. And definitely spray paint. It will look much smoother!


Terri D said...

I have been tempted to remove the followers from my page because it drives me crazy. I'll have 55, then I have 57, then I have 54 and I don't keep a list to know who is coming and going. The people I care about are still with me and have me in their feeds. There are some followers I would like to delete because I don't know who they are and they don't leave comments. Not sure what is up with it. I'm deciding to not let it worry me. Only a dozen or less ever comment anyway.

I love the milk glass! Hope you find it!

Debbie Huffaker said...

So sorry about duplicate comments....that happens from my phone sometimes...operator error!!! LOL