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Stanley Gordon West said “Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone.” This is not always true. The world has lost several celebrities this week and it has not wept alone. One that touched my heart was Glenn Frey of the Eagles. I thought it was sad to see him go. Like an end to an era. Being 15 years old when they released their first song, The Eagles were my go to group. Then in the 80's Glenn Frey did a lot of the music for, was even in an episode, of Miami Vice.

When I first heard of his passing I was saddened. But then I thought why does it make me sad when I didn't even know him. But I saw this posted on Facebook yesterday evening. 
And I realized why I was sad. Over the decades, I have played my Eagles favorite hits on LP albums on my record player. Then I moved on to 8 track tapes. From their I bought their hits on cassette tapes and most recently, I purchased their greatest hits album on a CD. 

They have given me a Peaceful, Easy Feeling and helped me learn to Take it Easy. My all time favorite song is Take It to the Limit. I have loved music my entire life and it has always been there to comfort me, to encourage me and to make me feel good about life. So when a singer I have listened to for well over 4 decades passes away, yes it does make me sad.

RIP Glenn Frey
May your music live on forever.


Sandi said...

Mamaw, hugs...

Simply Linda said...

I was shocked when I opened my browser yesterday and saw that he passed away. Have a beautiful day, friend.

Terri D said...

I have always loved the Eagles too and listened to their songs all day today on my computer at work (Spotify).

Liz said...

The Eagles were one of my favorite groups. I listened to them all through high school and into college. Take It To the Limit was my favorite too! I went to see them in concert about 10 years ago. I think I cried through the first couple of songs because I was so excited to finally see them!