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Sharing a prayer request...

We are blessed at our church with an awesome youth pastor and his precious wife. God is leading them down the path to adoption. They have started the process and have asked for everyone to remember them in your prayers. This will be their first child and we are all so excited for them to finally have the opportunity to become parents. 

We know that God has that special little one already picked out for them and the process could be short or it could be long. It is all in God's hands. But they are requesting prayer for the process to go smoothly and that they will soon get the call for their little bundle of joy. 

They are so well loved by the church and everyone here is so excited for them to become parents. They are going to be wonderful at it. Thank you for your prayers in helping the process along.


Simply Linda said...

Keeping them in prayer, friend. Have a Happy Thursday.

Debbie Huffaker said...

Adoption is wonderful...and hard. RK took about 3 years to get her here...Silas only a few weeks. It's all in God's timing. But, it's still difficult. There are LOTS of things to consider that I never even knew about until we were somewhat personally involved. Prayers for them both...they're gonna be awesome parents, and the baby will be so loved!

Terri D said...

I will put this prayer request on my Prayer & Praise blog page. Count on my prayers and please keep us posted!