Snow day...

I love a snow day when it is a Saturday and I'm not expected to be anywhere and I'm having to work from home for my job. Behind the Bradford pears in my yard is actually a well traveled back road in my town. As you can see, nobody has been on it yet and it is 9:00. The snow is still coming down steady.

 I was able to make it to the store last night before this all started. So I have the oven heating to make a white cake with homemade chocolate frosting. I also stopped by my mail box. I got not 1, not 2, but THREE boxes from my recent Pyrex trade frenzy. I don't know what the coffee cups are or if they are vintage. The lady thinks they are Hazel Atlas but I'm not so sure. But I didn't care. I just liked them because of the red checks.

I had a little yellow bowl with fake eggs in it. I don't know if there is a set of all yellows in Pyrex or not, but I put my two yellows together and am very happy with the display.

I have this set of Colonial Mist mixing bowls (Colonial Mist and Town and Country are my two favorite patterns). Most of the mixing bowls sets come with 4 bowls (I only have 3 so far). They alternate, color with white and white with color. However, the Colonial Mist pattern is one of the very few if not the only one who actually had TWO sets. This mixture set and one where all four bowls were the blue with the white flowers. I have been looking for over four years for that middle blue bowl because I just fell in love with that set when I discovered it existed.

I was thrilled to get this trade. Isn't this gorgeous! Now to just find the big 404 size in this blue with white and the set will be complete.

I have my kitchen table covered this morning with my notebooks, calendars, catalogs and planners for my Thirty-One business. Spring catalog kicks off on the 1st of February and I want this to be my best season ever. I got my Add on Kit Thursday to jump start February. I am in love with the new bold spring & summer colors. Can't wait to get the season rolling.

Well, if you got snow today wherever you are, stay in...stay safe...and stay warm. 


Simply Linda said...

I love everything you said...love the Pyrex and love the snow picture...smiles...stay warm. Have a beautiful day, regardless of the weather.

ThrifterSisters said...

There is an all yellow set and you look to be half way there!!

Have a wonderful weekend~


Rachel said...

We got 12 inches of snow. Love all your new Pyrex! Enjoying being snowed in today! Working on lesson for my Ladies Bible Study class I am starting Feb 3. Have you seen the movie War Room? I watched it last night and it is really good. I made some chocolate fudge from a recipe on the Nestle chocolate chip bag. It was so easy and turned out perfect. First time I ever made fudge that actually turned out good. Lol! Enjoy your day! Love you!

Terri D said...

It must be so much fun to find THREE packages in the mail! Just like Christmas! That dark blue Pyrex is really pretty. Those bold blue stripes in the new 31 line are very smart!