Some things I tried....

I try things I see on the internet that are great failures and things that actually work. Here are a few of my success stories. 

I have always heard you can clean a microwave easy with lemon juice. Well, I had a spaghetti re-heat explosion. I didn't realize how bad it was because I was heading out somewhere and forgot to clean up the mess in there first. So a few days later, I realized it was all over the ceiling of the microwave. I looked up the instructions to give it a try and OH MY GOODNESS it was the easiest clean up ever and my microwave looks brand new inside. Here are the instructions from Life Hacker.

Another thing I've heard I use all the time now. It is the original blue Dawn detergent for just about anything you can imagine. I use it constantly for hard to remove stains. I have found the best way to remove most hard to remove stains (chocolate, blood, grease, etc.) from clothing is to spray with Peroxide, then squeeze in some blue Dawn and I add some spray for the Dollar Tree called Totally Awesome Stain Remover. I rub it in gently to the stain and 99% of the time it comes right out. When Allen fell and hit his ribs on the tub, the wound bled for over a week at night. This concoction got all the stain out of my tan sheets. I swear by it. 

Have you ever went to write on a dry erase board only to realize you used a Sharpie? Have you ever left something written on one so long that when you wiped it off you could still faintly read the words. Well, never fear Germ X is here. That's right, regular Germ X (or most hand sanitizers) can remove Sharpie marks or long standing marks off a dry erase board and make it like new.

Do you know what the best thing to use for immediate spills on most furniture is? Baby wipes. Yes, that's right. They are soft and gentle yet the formula in there will even remove stains on some furniture. I do advise you to test in a hidden spot first though. Some micro suedes it almost bleaches the spot, but it has worked perfectly on my couch.

And what about when you buy that beautiful new glass vase or dish and there is that horrible sticky residue after you remove the price sticker. Simply use a nail polish remover pad. Press it against the residue for a few seconds then simply rub back and forth gently till it is all gone. Wash thoroughly and rinse clean.

Well there are some of my favorite things I have tried that I can vouch will work.


Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh, thanks so much for the tips. I use Wal-Mart brand "Dawn"...it really is a great cleaner.....and peroxide has gotten stains out of the carpet. I've gotta try the lemon to clean the microwave!!!

Terri D said...

I keep peroxide in a little spray bottle and use it on so many things, including blood stains. Blue Dawn works great, especially on grease/oil stains. I always use a splatter lid in the microwave, so rarely have stuck on food to clean, but it's good to know the lemon water works so well! Thanks for the tips!