Way to go Kelsey Cate!

I've shared with you many times about a young girl, Kelsey Cate, that I go to church with who is working on a musical career.

I've watched her grow up in church. Watched as she developed that beautiful voice to singing for the Lord. I watched her dedication to work hard and strive to reach her dreams, always giving God the glory. 

She is in her first year of college and has her first album being released soon. This weekend, my granddaughters, my daughter and I get to attend the launch party for her album and I can't wait. 

All of this has been exciting to watch as she has been reaching for the sky and climbing mountains to achieve her goal. 

But nothing has been as exciting as tuning into a local radio station yesterday and hearing her song, Destination, on the radio. 

And she still finds time on her weekends home from school to sing in our church choir and do an occasional solo. She is very focused and centered. And if you talk to her for long, you will find that she always gives God the glory for her blessings.

Does it sound like I'm bragging? Heck, yes I am!  Super, super proud of my young friend. Don't hesitate to call your local country station and ask them to play her single.


Debbie Huffaker said...

Beautiful young lady....destined to go far. So blessed to know her and her family.

Terri D said...

She does have a great voice!! Keep us posted as her new album gets out there! Have fun at the party!!