Weekend wrap up...

Technically, my weekend is not over yet. I have the day off today for Martin Luther King Day. I have been in cleaning, tossing, organizing mode for the past two days and am already back at it this morning. 

I did take time to run to a thrift store on Saturday and to Walmart for some much needed stocking up on pantry staples and cleaning supplies. At the thrift store, I picked up a new cook book that is nothing but desserts made with Hershey's cocoa...my favorite baking chocolate in the world. It was just $1.00.

I also picked up this glass for $2.00. This is my favorite style glass and when I saw it had some vintge office stuff on it, I had to have it. I just love it.

I did make a quick stop to Real Deal Warehouse to see what they had. I needed glue sticks for Children's church. These were 2 per pack for .25 cents each. So I ended up with 16 glue sticks for just $2.00. I got a cute case for my tablet for $2.00 that looks like a composition book and an organizer for my earrings for .75 cents and a new book for just .50 cents. I love going to that place. I always find good deals. They buy close outs so you never see the same thing twice.  

While I was organizing, I hung this accordion peg rack up to start hanging my necklaces on. They keep getting tangled in my jewelry box. I put this behind my door so it doesn't show and hung my costume jewelry necklaces on it. I still have more, but it is an untangling process at the moment. I want to get something better than this, but that is all I could find for now. I think i will get a board and paint it and put a bunch of those little gold hooks in it for the necklaces.

I fixed my favorite supper on Saturday....pizza on flat bread. That's by far my favorite way to eat homemade pizza because there is not as much bread.

Sunday, I went to church and then came home and did more cleaning, tossing and organizing. Later that afternoon, I did a good inventory on my Pyrex and decided to go to the FB group to see if I could accomplish any trades. I was able to trade off the black snowflake and the Early American 502 with lid. In return I am getting one of my dream pieces, the Colonial Mist 402 in the blue with white flowers. I am so excited. I am also getting a couple of Hazel Atlas mugs. Now to try to trade the rest of it off today in my other group. I was real surprised the barbed wire didn't go right away.

I ended my evening reading one of my Christmas present books. Barbara Delinsky is one of my favorite writers. This book is so good that it is hard to put it down. I literally have to hide it out of my sight during the day or I am tempted to sit down and read and then I get nothing done. 

What better way to enjoy a good book than to have some orange cream Thin Mints. These are hard to find so whenever our local Family Dollar gets them in, I buy several boxes to keep in reserve. I just found these on Friday so I think it was a great reward for a job well done the last two days. 

Today I tackle the rooms I didn't get to the past two days. 


Simply Linda said...

You're coming here, rightttttttttttt???? {{{giggling}}}

---you know, you just make me smile. Have a happy day, friend.

Terri D said...

When you finish at Linda's house, can mine be next? :) I know how good it feels to get things cleaned out and organized. I'm working on it!!