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Happy Saturday

How I want to wake up every morning.....

How I actually wake up every morning...

But that's only on work days. Check out this beautiful home. My first thought was how I would love to be able to afford a house like that. My second thought was how I would hate to have to clean it and my THIRD thought was, well if I could afford a house like that I would probably be able to afford a housekeeper with it to clean it for me. LOL.

Talk about repetitive advertising. If Facebook shows me this bracelet one more time I am going to have to break down and order one. I love it every time I see it and they keep sharing it. 

Well heading out for the day. Have a great Saturday.


Simply Linda said...

I hear ya on the the bracelet. Have a beautiful day, Brenda.

tammy doane said...

I love the house and the bracelet!

Terri D said...

I LOVE those double wrap-around porches! Great bracelet too! Let us know if you break down and order it!