How to make an Easter Egg Wreath

The Easter Egg Wreath is very simple and fun to make. You need one dozen plastic egg, a roll of ribbon and a spool of floral wire. Most of this can be found at a Dollar Tree or Walmart. It is less than $5.00 for your first wreath and many of you probably are like me with tons of ribbon to choose from already. make sure the eggs are the ones that have little holes in both ends.

Separate your eggs and lay them on your work surface. A small wreath will take 8 eggs, a medium takes 10 and a large takes 12.

Cut off a length of floral wire (you can just work with it right from the spool, but it is awkward having to keep unwinding it. I usually cut about a yard. You will have some excess, but a yard will give you more than enough for any size.

Make a big loop in the end to keep the eggs from slide off one end as you put them on the other. 

Then start feeding the wire through the eggs. Make sure you do the eggs all int he same direction. I go through the bottom (larger) half of the egg first.

Pull it through....

...and come out through the hole in the top of the small part of the egg.

Snap the egg closed.

Continue until all the eggs are on the wire. You can do your color pattern however you want or you can do all one color. It is up to you.

Pull the ends together and tie the wire in a real tight knot. I tie it in 3 or 4 knots to make sure it is good and tight.

Cut off a length of your ribbon.

Trim the ends of your wire, leaving enough room to make a loop to hang it. Tie the ribbon around the wire at making a bow. If you are a great bow maker you can do any bow that hits your fancy.

Then come down part of the way on each side and tie a small piece of either matching or coordinating ribbon between a couple of the eggs. 

Here is the end result for the 10 egg wreath.


Debbie Huffaker said...

How cute!! You might want to link up to Friday Foto Friends to share with some more people. This would be great for kids.

Terri D said...

Such a great idea!!