Weekend wrap-up

Not much happening in this neck of the woods. I had a pretty uneventful weekend. Didn't even go to Walmart which is MAJOR for me. I normally have to make at least one Walmart run per week, but haven't been since in 9 days now. I did some house cleaning, some laundry and a little cooking. Thrill a minute, huh? I did spend some time going through my craft supplies. I posted recently about making a picture frame dry erase board. Well, I found some buttons at Joann's that I like and had some frames, ribbon and paper at home so I decided to make another one. This one I used some embellishments on and it turned out really cute.

We are going to make some of these at our upcoming Thirty-One retreat. I had some blue sparkly paper so I thought I would change out the paper to see how I like it with plain. 

I decided I like it either way. Have a great week.

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