A little changing around...

During my retreat, one of the speakers talked about how we don't stay in God's word enough. She had a powerful story about the many changes she has went through and how she learned to stay in the Word in order to adjust her life to live in God's way and to accept the changes He wanted in her life. 

It got me to thinking about how I read my bible and do my Sunday School lessons all sitting at the same spot where I do my blogging, my work, my Thirty-One business. I wonder how many times when I'm in His Word does a beep come up or an email come in and distracts me? So I may think I'm in His Word, but am I really? Or am I just going through the motions because it is one more thing on my checklist of things to do that day?

So I decided I need a place set aside just for my that purpose. I came home from the retreat Sunday already exhausted, but I was on a mission. As soon as I unpacked and put on a load of laundry I went around the house to see where I could put me a spot free of distractions but someplace that would be a good place for studying the bible. I found it.

In my bedroom, I have an antique secretary that we found years and years ago. It was full of Emmett Kelly clowns on the shelves and the drawers were full of stuff that I didn't know where else to put it. In other words this furniture's soul purpose was to just sit there and look pretty. 

So I moved my collectibles to another shelf in my home office, put some of my inspirational items in the secretary and wah-lah, I have a nice soothing study area to dig into my bible.

 Complete with angels, lighthouses and inspirational quotes. 

This was one of my basic little craft projects. Print your favorite bible verse and put it in a frame. Simple, but I love it.

This was a gift. I love it because it has 3 of my favorite words. 

I don't remember where I found this, but I have had it a long time...at least 10-15 years.

Now I just need a vintage chair for the it. Right now I only have a folding chair. Looks like I will start watching for yard sales. 

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Terri D said...

This is a great re-purposing!! Beautiful.