Been bartering again....

I love to barter. I just traded a $3.00 pitcher I bought at a thrift shop for 6 crocheted dish cloths. I love these. I never could learn to crochet so I just barter stuff with dear friend whenever I need any. 

I also traded a blue Pyrex Bar Code 475 for a piece I have been wanting this past week. I am awaiting the arrival of my new piece which I'll show you when it arrives. People think I'm crazy for swapping and trading. But sometimes, I buy pieces for less than $3 just to have stuff to trade.

We have a four day week this week so I am really excited about that. Also have our training meeting for VBS this week where we get to look at all the craft ideas they have.

I get to help design and decorate the stage again this year. I had a blast doing that the past year. We are going to need a ton of pool noodles to create some under the sea foliage. 

Coral reef made from pool noodles, foam flowers, and plastic table cloths.:

Going to try my hand at making a giant octopus as well. 

Fun octopus made with pool noodles and foam spray! Ocean Commotion decorations #vbs2016:

One Sunday before VBS I will let the kids in Children's Church make sea urchins using 1/2 of a foam ball and toothpicks. 


This year is going to be fun to plan the decorating. 


Sandi said...

That is some serious pool noodle art! Who would ever have thought of doing that?? Well, someone! :) Obviously.

Terri D said...

You are SO creative!! Submerged is a very fun theme for your VBS. I can't wait to see what you all create this year! Trading/swapping is a great way to get things you want. A time-honored way to do business!! I like those crocheted dishcloths too. Haven't had one is a long time. I CAN crochet, so there is no excuse! LOL