Some cute ideas...

I can't believe Easter is in 25 days. I don't like it to come so early. I had a lot of craft projects lined up but didn't feel like doing them when it was so cold and dreary. Now that we have had some sunshine I am in the mood but too busy to do it. Maybe next year. Here were some things I thought looked simple and easy to make. I have so many buttons that this would have been fun.

Talk about easy. I may end up doing this one. 

And these are really, really cute. If I could gather enough spools, I would do this as a Children's Church craft. 

This is really cute and simple.

And I may try this bunny. It looks like it is made from a sock. 

Just a few ideas that caught my fancy.


Terri D said...

Once again, your post is filled with such cute craft projects!! Please keep us posted if you find time to do one or two of these!


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