Some things I've never seen....

I saw these on Pinterest last night and wondered why, in all the antique stores I have been to over many years, have I never seen these little egg holders. Those are too cute.  

Vintage Jadite Egg Cups:

Check out this pretty vintage tin. That would be so cute in my beach bathroom. The only vintage tins I ever find are floral. I need to start looking closer for something like this. 

Vintage Thorne's tin:

Oh what beauties. How springy looking. I have seen this in the darker blues and reds but never in this shade.

Retro Fire King Pastel Striped Bowls - Vintage Fire King - Striped Glass Kitchen Set:

On a side note, looking at all this spring colors reminded me that Easter is just one week away. I've not really given it any thought or made the connection that this is my first Easter without Allen. I have just been too busy to think about Easter plans. Both of my children always go to their in-laws for Easter so Allen and I started years ago just fixing an Easter dinner for ourselves. I just don't feel up to cooking a big meal but it just isn't Easter to me without ham. So I'm going to make my favorite ham & cheese croissant rolls, and have that with a few easy sides. And I'll make my favorite spice cake with caramel icing with a side of sliced peaches. Then after dinner, I'm just going to veg out with a good book or watch a good movie. Sounds like I have a plan.

Hot Ham and Cheese Roll-Ups – You'll need just three ingredients to make these easy, cheesy, family-pleasy roll-ups. Soft, warm and flavorful, they're simple to make and simply delicious. If you're looking to warm up this winter, we suggest serving these with soup and a side salad.:

Today I am heading out to do some shopping for a birthday gift for my grandson. We are all going out to eat this weekend at Texas Roadhouse for his birthday celebration. I love family time. 


Simply Linda said...

I love those egg cups....keeping you in prayer, friend...

Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh I love those little egg cups...so cute. I think I might NEED one of those. LOL HOPE you have a great weekend...birthdays are so much fun, especially grandkids!!

ThrifterSisters said...

That Fire King striped set is one of my favorites! Isn't it so perfect for this time of year?

Your Easter plans sound wonderful to me. Yummy food and a good book? Heaven :-)