Weekend wrap up....

Well, it turns out that my trip to Esau's Antiques and Collectible fair was a complete flop. I found nothing. Not one single thing. I the ONLY thing I saw that I wanted was the 404 Pyrex Colonial Mist bowl (which normally goes for around $18 around her for that size and they wanted $44. So that was a complete bust. However, I did find a unique new store that went into a former Big Lots that was a big antique/vintage store with thrift store like prices. And I stopped at an antique store that I frequent a lot because they have several affordable sections. 

So I picked up a new Corelle dinner plate. I love the black design. It was just a couple of bucks.

I got a little juice glass like mom had when we were little. It was just .25 cents.

And I picked up a new salt dip for just $1.00. 

And I like this little goblet that will be perfect when I just want a sip of chocolate milk. It was a quarter as well.

I also found a set of five Corelle salad plates. The whole set was just $3.95.

When I came home, I pulled out all my Corelle plates, salad plates, and dessert plates to start mixing and matching. My goal is to have about 12 sets that can be mixed to make unique settings. So far I have come up with this et with the blues and blacks. I really like it.

And this one with the red, white and blues. 

Can't wait for yard sale season to kick in so I can collect some more mismatched.


ThrifterSisters said...

I love the red and black set! Yard sale season can't come soon enough for me!

Have an awesome week!


Terri D said...

Awesome finds, my friend! You always walk away with great things! I like the sets you have put together and just know the garage sales will complete your 12 sets! Keep us posted!