It's the little things in life....

When we were little, we had a neighbor who lived across the street, Gladys and Walter, and had never had kids. So in the summer, she would call Mom during the day and ask if she would send us over to visit. She had a beautiful ranch style house with hardwood floors. In the living room there was a huge braided rug that took up the whole center of the room. On the wall by the front door was a big closet. She kept nothing in that closet but stacks and stacks of comic books. When we got there, we would go in the back door through the kitchen. She had one drawer that she kept stocked with the full size Milky Way and Snickers candy bars. We would stop by the drawer and grab a candy bar and head to the closet and grab some comics. We would spread out on the living room rug and eat candy bars and read funny books. I don't recall if Mom told her how long we could stay or if Mom called when she wanted us home. Here are a lot of the ones that she kept for us.  






But I do know that we loved our days when we got to go over to Gladys's and read comic books. It is such a special childhood memory. 


Terri D said...

Aren't those memories just the best!! We had a neighbor lady who let us pick apples from her apple tree! Oh what fun that was, way back when. Maybe our snack was a little healthier than yours, but yours included comic books, too! How fun!

shortybear said...

precious memories

Renee said...

What a beautiful memory!

Sandi said...

I remember comic books like these!