My memories from today....

Do you ever click on your Facebook Memories to see what happened on this day in your past Facebook years? 

Well, today my plans are to clean house and get it finally straightened back up from my busy past three weeks. I should be done by noon. Then I'm taking the grandkids to the local playground/park in Kodak for a picnic and to let them play. After that, when we are going to come back and make brownies and I am going to make a lemon pound cake. I am really energized and motivated today to get things done. But first, I always check my Facebook. In light of my plans for today, I found it extremely hilarious that these were my first two memories...

Apparently, I was not as motivated on April 30th in years past. The next things that I found funny was that the rest of my memories were about baking on a day I had planned to do some baking. First was something I experimented with. I cut Crescent rolls in to wide strips and rolled them up, baked them and then coated them in cinnamon sugar. They were delicious. May try to do that again soon. 

These were some type of apple cinnamon churro bites that was a recipe I saw online.

And I was intrigued by these little muffins so I ended up making these but just in cinnamon sugar and I made a batch of some in lemon supreme.

A french toast bake that hubby shared with me but we never did get around to trying it.

One of these days I am going to go back and try this caramel pound cake. 

The lemon pound cake is what I am making later today, but my glaze won't be that thick. I just like a thin glaze all over.

There were two more things I liked in my memories and it was this vacation poster. This is so me. I take several books to the beach with me because there is absolutely positively nothing in the world as relaxing as sitting on the beach and reading a book. I get lost in my book and get sunburned every time, but it is so restful.

Well, those were my memories for the day. Now I'm ready to make some more memories. Have a great day.


Nonnie said...

My goodness! What a day you have planned. You must be on some great vitamins! Enjoy the day. I don't usually read my Facebook memories. Maybe I will today out of curiosity.

Terri D said...

Now my tummy is growling! I love cinnamon anything and those all look SO good! I also like caramel... and that breakfast casserole looks yummy too.

shortybear said...

you made me hungry

Sandi said...

This post makes me want to eat cake, not clean, read, and lay on the beach. Hmm...all good ideas!