There's just something about April 13th

People are sometimes superstitious about Friday the 13th. But I am becoming leery of April 13th. My memories on Facebook popped up this morning and as I glanced through them, I realized I was injured three times in the past on April 13th.

One year, I was changing a shower head because I am so independent and didn't want to wait a couple hours to hubby got home. I slipped and almost fell off the step stool and wrenched my back as I twisted. 

Another year, I was wiping down the kitchen walls between my upper cabinets and counter top. Apparently, I forgot there were upper cabinets and raised straight up and banged my head so Hubby had me stay awake to make sure I didn't have a concussion. 

But the worst was in 2014 when I flipped open my bamboo hamper to put clothes in and I stopped putting them in without the lid all the way open and I drove a piece of the bamboo straight up my knuckle. 

You can see where the start is by the hump at the top line of my knuckle and it ended in the hump under the third line of my knuckle. I tried tweezers, used a needle to try to open it up, everything but couldn't get it out. It was so painful I felt that I almost had a panic attack. Hubby was on his way home from work so when he got there, he tried and there was not way it was coming out. We went to the emergency room. A saddle block shot in the palm of my hand, a shot they called "a local" in the finger where the splinter was. That was almost as painful as it shoving in my knuckle in the first place. Then he used a scalpel to slice a cut at the top of the splinter so he could pull it out. His tweezers were to big to get it out. So, he called down to ER to see if they had smaller ones. I jokingly said "I have a mini Swiss knife that has little tweezers." He surprised me by saying "Great. Let me see them." 

Allen got them out of my purse. The doctor declared them perfect and grabbed the splint and pulled it right out. Whew, glad that was over. I felt such relief. Until he says "Now for a tetanus shot since you haven't had one in 15 years." UGH! 

So you can see why I am dreading April 13th. Going to walk very carefully, look before I put anything up, and basically stay in my seat as much as I can today. I'll be paranoid all day now.


Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh, bless your heart. I'm partial to April 13th....it's my Daddy's 88th birthday and he was actually born on Friday! I always told him I was his bad luck...LOL Hope you have an accident free day!

Terri D said...

Oh my!! I'm late getting to blogs but sure hope your next one doesn't have a terrible accident as the subject! Good that you just sat through the day!

shortybear said...

sending you hugs