As I was driving along with a friend yesterday, we were talking about school being out soon. Then we started talking about what all is going on in our lives the next few weeks. THEN I realized VBS is on June 5th. I am in charge of decorating the stage and figuring the crafts for the 3 - 5 year olds. I do believe I need to get busy with planning. So of course, me being me, I headed to Pinterest.

I see a lot of pool noodles in my future. We can cut notches in the noodles to make them spiral like coral reefs.

This is a coral reef made for the The Little Mermaid Jr. The bulk of it is from pool noodles, foam flowers, and the lower flowers are from plastic table cloths.:

These cute little crabs would be good for my children's church kids to make to help decorate.

paper plate crab ocean fish summer craft art:

If we are going to be Submerged then I need to figure out how to make a submarine.

Yellow submarine photo booth:

Some Japanese lanterns (I think that is what they are called) cut in half with some streamers would make some awesome jelly fish.

DIY Paper Lantern Jellyfish Decorations How To

Not to mention some cute fish.

fish paper lantern plus hungry caterpillar lanterns CUTE!!!:

And of course, the ultimate submerged creature....an OCTOPUS. I have decide to get a giant beach ball for his head, painted and with pool noodles for his legs.

Fun octopus made with pool noodles and foam spray! Ocean Commotion decorations #vbs2016:

It appears I have my work cut out for me the next week.

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