Bits and pieces of my week....

Just a few things from my week....

This past weekend when Alexis and Colby were visiting, we decided to have a popcorn party and watch a Monster High movie (which by the way I have become addicted to). So I fixed us up a party table so we could get refills while we watched the movie.

As I was searching for the plaid tablecloth for our popcorn party, I saw these and realized I must love plaid tablecloths. 

Spent one night gathering the left over googly eyes from all my craft projects in Children's Church, Sunday School and VBS. I think I have enough eyes to do us for awhile.

It was during last year's VBS that they diagnosed Allen with his illness so I've been a little emotional this week. A couple of my friend picked me up this little gift last night. 

I love the words on it.

I put it on his dresser where I have put a lot of his favorite things along with our beach picture. 

Tonight is the last VBS craft night and tomorrow night is our program. Lots of excitement. 


Terri D said...

A lovely gift and tribute to friendship and love! You are so blessed!! Hugs.

shortybear said...

good post