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Many years ago, I joined Beech Springs Baptist Church. My grandson, Caleb, was only about 4 years old and it was time for VBS. I agreed to help out in his class. The lady I worked with was Missy. Never did I dream what a bond we would have. From the start, it felt like we had been friends since birth. I can talk to her about anything, anytime, anywhere. We have shared laughter, tears, and enough secrets to fill a book. She hooked me into VBS and then into her class as a craft helper and it has just grown from there. 

For those of you who have read my blog for a long time, you may recall about four years ago my daughter and I held a shower for her best friend Anya. Well, Anya is Missy's daughter so it has worked out great for all of us that our families have intertwined so well. 

Anya is now the mother of an energetic, entertaining 2 year old that keeps his mommy and his Nana Missy on their toes. Missy also has a son who is friends with my son-in-law and is the youth pastor at our church. He is filled with joy and laughter. Everyone who knows him loves him and he is full of fun. Even though he is an adult he will be the first one to tell you he is just a big kid. We never know what great bright idea he is going to come up with next. He's one of those people who says "I have a great idea...." and you just pause and wait for the shoe to drop.

But he does have some fantastic ideas. Last year was one of them. He loves bow ties. He decided it would be good to challenge all the fathers in the church last year to wear a bow tie on Father's Day. Then it was decided if they were going to wear bow ties, they could do an all male choir that Sunday morning. He did and it was a great success. Needless to say, last Sunday he challenged them again to wear their bow ties and we had an amazing turn out. Here was our all male choir yesterday morning for the second year in a row on Father's Day. 

All the men looked fantastic and the choir sounded great. But to me, the best of the best yesterday was Missy's husband Steve and their grandson Aydin, (Anya's baby). The white shirts, bibs and bow ties just made for the cutest Pop Pop and his little buddy ever. 

Why bibs? As Steve posted on Facebook with this picture "Aydin & I wore bibbed overalls with white shirts in honor of my hard working Papaws and Uncles. Thank you for your examples of how to be a real man"

Thank you Steve and Missy for being such good friends. I love you both.

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Nonnie said...

Love the bibs and bow ties. My dad and grandpa wore overalls.