I love taking those little pop up tests you find on Facebook. The ones that tell you things about your personality based on your posts on Facebook. Sometimes they are hilarious; sometimes they are so far off base that you just shake your head and think "Seriously?". But sometimes they are spot on and sometimes they actually cause you to stop and think. Today I did one that made me stop and think. 

Brave? I never would have thought that. I know I am stronger than I think I am because I have stood the test of many things lately and still hang in there. But Brave? I just never really thought of myself that way. But who am I to argue with Facebook. 

But as I look at the pictures it pulled from, I recognize that I surround myself with strong friends who are all brave in their own way. In my friends pictures above, you will find women who:

1. Have lost a child and been unable to conceive again so they have started the adoption process.
2. A woman who had a lung transplant in the hopes of getting 5 more years of life and ended up living about 10 or 11 more years...way past what they had even hoped for. 
3. A woman struggling every day with Cystic Fibrosis, yet she is a mom to a lively 7 year old, continues to move forward against all odds and is today facing the challenge of even more decisions regarding her health issues in the near future. 
4. Women who have stepped out in faith and quit their 40 hour a week jobs to purse their dreams. 
5. A woman who had breast cancer at age 83 and had surgery to remove it and has not had to have chemo or anything and has been Cancer free for over 2 years. 
6. And a man who suffered much pain, but fought till the end with faith and hope. 
7. Grandchildren who believe in God and have been saved and baptized along with younger grandchildren who are starting to understand the meaning of being saved. 

Is it any wonder Facebook thinks I am brave when I am surrounded by some of the bravest people I know. 


Terri D said...

Well, I also think you are brave and you are right about surrounding ourselves with others who are role models and nurturing souls. Good post!

Nonnie said...

I am guessing your brave friends would look at your story and tell us that you are indeed brave!

shortybear said...

bless you brave one