Sunday's in my life were always about family. Sunday school at 10:00, Fried chicken and mashed potaoes after church. Some Sunday dinners were at Mamaw Eden's. Some were at our house. Mom usually made a cake or pie. I remember her homemade lemon meringue pie and chocolate. Not to mention her chocolate cakes or her spice cake with caramel ice and some ice cold peaches.

In the south we have Sunday dinner and our evening meal is supper. Lunch is what you eat during the week at noon. But Sunday's noon meal was always dinner. We would take long walks in the woods behind the house, or walk up the road to see the cows in the pastures. Sometimes we would walk through the woods around the golf course and look for lost golf balls. Mom would wash and bleach them and Daddy would sale the for .50 cents per brown lunch bag. He'd give us kids the .50 cents. We thought we were rich. 

I remember one time, he sold a guy a bag of golf balls and the man got a kick out of the fact that we had found a couple of his lost golf balls because in the bag he bought, some had his name personalized on them. 

Some times Sunday after dinner was for laying in the yard of the old oak tree reading a book, or lazing around in the sun. Sometimes is was for playing baseball or badminton or cars or marble or building a "house" and playing dolls. Other times it was for playing in the leaves or riding sleds and building snowmen. 

Sunday supper was usually pot luck. Either we had leftovers or we fixed sandwiches. There was always lots of sweet tea and Kool-Aid in the summer time. And nothing quenched your thirst after a long walk then a tall glass of ice cold well water. Best in the land. 

In the summertime, whether we were outside or in the house, Daddy had his Cincinnati Reds game on either the TV or a radio. He loved his Reds. After he retired from the C & O railroad, he actually rode the Amtrak train down to Cincinnati to catch a game in person. 

Football season was all about the Dallas Cowboys, the Pittsburgh Steelers or the St. Louis Cardinals. I don't think I even knew there were other teams because we seemed to always watch one of those playing. 

Basketball was about his beloved Marshall University basketball team. I remember when they were in play-offs and it was really intense. He got so excited that he started running a fever and Mom swore she wasn't going to let him watch it anymore. 

Mom didn't do laundry on Sunday or do housework other than make the beds and clean the kitchen after dinner. Daddy didn't do any mowing or work out in the yard. 

No matter what Sunday was about, it was always about one common core....FAMILY! Take some time today to spend time with your family. 


shortybear said...

I love that song

Lady Jane said...

loved this post as it brought back a lot of memories.

Nonnie said...

I love your memories and they are very similar to our Sunday's except for the golf balls and Dallas Cowboys. I grew up in the 50's and my dad watched baseball or westerns! Sunday was a day for church, rest, delicious dinners, and company.

Terri D said...

I have wonderful Sunday memories too. Granny's fried chicken and Grandpa's Big 10 Wrestling on the TV. Cousins playing and the folks all talking... Blessings.