This past weekend....

I had a great weekend this past weekend. Here are the promised pics. I took three of the kids to the Kodak Heritage Days.

They had a blast experimenting with these old wooden toys.

I think Alexis wants one of the balls on a string. She had a blast with it. 

They got balloons and road the train....several times. 

They even got to wash a towel with an old washboard and got to hang it up to dry. They each took a turn. 

There was a tractor show and we enjoyed looking at the tractors. 

We went back to the church after that to redo the submarine for VBS. I got some pics of what we had decorated on Thursday night. The pipe cleaners in pool sticks made some great little sea life. They were made by a few of the second graders. They did a good job.

Several of my friends worked very hard on our Octopus. He didn't want to stay put. But he turned out cute and is still setting in his seat of honor. 

I could not have been more pleased with the coral display I wanted to do so bad from the Pinterest idea. My daughter-in-law called and gave me ideas on cutting the noodles. I did a few myself and taught the other ladies how to do them. We did several styles to make it funner.

We surrounded them with tissue paper we wadded up like it was going in a gift bag to make flowers. One of the gentleman cut rings of pool noodles to make a structure and my granddaughter Alexis made some fans from construction paper to use for seashells. I could not have been any happier with this piece. 

The hardest was the stupid submarine. Never could get the construction paper to fit right and look good so we ripped it all off and covered it with a tablecloth. It's not perfect but it was for the kids. They loved it. 

All in all the stage looked fantastic. My team of decorator helpers did an amazing job.

Sunday night started VBS and we have around 255 or so. Last night we were up to 285. Shelby's second grade class is a good size class. I helped teach a class one year, but I prefer to just do the crafts.

There was lots of snow cones and popcorn devoured each night so far.

Our first night, we did Zaccheus up in a tree. I have four classes each night for crafts. The 3 year old class, the 4 year old class, the 5 year old class of kids that start kindergarten this year and the 5 year old class that just got out of kindergarten. All total a little over 50 kids come through my craft room each night. They have a blast.

There is always lots of fun and always lots of cotton candy. 

We have 3 nights down and 2 nights to go. On Friday we will have our program and then we are having hamburgers and potato salad and lots of other goodies to eat that night. It's been a long week so far but I've enjoyed every minute of it.


shortybear said...

fun times

Terri D said...

Your ideas are always just perfect for whatever theme is chosen. I thought the same last year! You have a very BIG and active group of kids, which is just terrific! Let us know how these last couple of evenings go for you. The food sounds wonderful, by the way!