Craft Time

My upside down life is finally through with the move, the organizing, VBS, wedding showers and all the other things that I've been caught up in. Now is the time of year I turn my mind to crafting. This year I want to make some items to give as gifts to friends and some to keep for myself. My #1 favorite thing to make is plastic canvas boxes and coasters. They are super easy, don't take long and the best part is I get to use yarn! My favorite one I ever did was the red, black and white box for my pastor's daughter. This is my craft bag for my plastic canvas projects. I got this over 6 years ago when I hosted my first Thirty-One party and I have used it ever since.

I usually have two or three projects going on at one time. I recently finished this one, but forgot to take a pic of the finished product. 

I've been working on this one awhile. It is bigger than I normally do so I have been working on other things in between my time on this one. 

These are some of my favorite coaster patterns I have done. I love the blue and yellow. I just use variegated yarn and the patterns comes out different every time. 

I like this easy pattern, but haven't made a coaster set yet. This may be my next project. Love the idea of two colors. I could change colors for each person I make one for.

I also love to make no-sew runners. These are so much fun and you just pick your material and the size you want. A little hem tape and an iron and you are done in about 15 minutes from cut to finish.

I made a bunch for Christmas one year. Here is one I did for my sister.

On a side note, when I was looking for the picture of the one I made her, I found this picture of her tree. Sis, I need to know where you found this skinny tree. I may go this route for Christmas this year. 

I also make throw pillows from place mats. My sister taught me how to do this. She buys her place mats from Dollar General because they seem to work the best. Use a seam ripper to open one end and stuff it. Then close it back up with thread and needle. These were hers that she sent me a picture of.  

It was close to Christmas last year when I got this picture. By that time my Dollar General was about out of placemats with Christmas theme. But I did find a cute snowman and gave it a try. It was only $2 or $3. But it turned out cute for my first try.

So there you have it, three ideas for quick, easy crafts that also make great gifts.

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Terri D said...

The pillows are really cute!! I don't have patience for the plastic canvas, but have a whole bunch of things my mom made years ago. Precious treasures now!!