From trash to treasure....

This is just to amazing not to share. I have a friend I worked for back in the 70's that is on Facebook. He posted something yesterday I just had to share. He does a lot of wood craft projects and loves to make things. He was driving by somewhere and saw a pile of old beat up looking wood formed in a tee pee shape for a burn pile. He stopped and asked if he could have a few pieces that he thought looked like they had potential. 

The owner said for him to take whatever he wanted because they were just going to burn it because it was just old scrap wood. He got it home and stripped it and cleaned it up and was amazed to realize what he now owned was solid cherry wood pieces. 

So he decided to use it to work on a desk he wanted to make. Here is the result. 

Moral of the story is "One man's trash IS definitely another man's treasure."

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Terri D said...

WOW....that man has some talent! Gorgeous piece of furniture!