Weekend wrap up....

I was off Friday so I spent most of the day going through 6 boxes of Christmas to downsize them so they will fit in my closet. Selling some of it at a yard sale with a friend this coming Saturday and reorganized and shifted the rest where it fits in my closet now. For the first time ever, I am going to have to have a skinnier tree. A big one just won't fit in the living room. A little early to be thinking of them, but I know about what I want. But something slimmer like this is the way for me to go this year. 

But I don't have time to think about Christmas yet. We've already celebrated two birthdays for my grandchildren this year. Now, we have three more grandchildren birthdays left. These three have birthdays coming up in the next several months.

I did turn my Thirty-One party in at the end of the month. I was so excited. For my free products, I am getting the bag I wanted so bad AT NO CHARGE! (Debbie I thought of our mutual love for cardinals when I picked red for the bird).

Plus I was able to get the Via Night wristlet to go with it. I picked the blue to go with the blue on my personalization. I have been really wanting this. 

And I got this key fob with the rest of my hostess rewards. I went over by $1.00. Yes, I gladly paid the $1.00 to get all this for free! 

Saturday, I went to McKay's with a friend of mine and took books back to swap. I just had a few to take back, but I got enough on my trade in to get all of these for free and still have $2.65 left over to use the next time I go. Sixteen new books for FREE. Have I mentioned I love McKay's?

When I got home, I had a book in the mail. It is by one of the keynote speakers for our Thirty-One conference. I had heard about the book at our retreat. So I found it for $3.99 with free shipping on Amazon and ordered it. I started it Saturday night and am almost finished. It is really good. I can't wait to hear him speak.

Sunday, I didn't do much. I was going to make deviled eggs and potato salad for Monday. But when it came time to fix it, I decided I didn't know if I was in the mood for it Monday or not. So instead, I made homemade peanut butter candy. And yes, that is a Halloween bowl it is in. But the holiday Pyrex bowls with lids are what I use more than plastic containers any more. I have a Christmas one and a Valentine's one as well. This one just happened to be handy.

Monday, I tried to decide what to have for my holiday meal. Well, it may be THE picnic food day of the year around America, but I decided on something I was really craving.....twice baked potato, cheese and bacon casserole with scrambled eggs. One of my favorite, favorite meals. It was delicious. In full disclosure, I forgot to take a picture of it last night, but this is the pic of the last time I made it. I had some Apple Barn apple butter the last time, but I am all out. Need to run up there and get me some soon.

After supper, I settled down on the couch with my pillow and blanket and watched one of my favorite movies, We are Marshall. I love that movie because it took place back where I grew up. I remember the night it happened very clearly. Some of the scenes in the movie are places I have been. So it just makes the movie that much more poignant. Of course, it doesn't hurt that it has Matthew McConaughey in it. One of my favorite actors of all time. 

Well, a four day weekend now time to head out for a four day work week. I could get used to this. 


Anonymous said...

Oh,I do love the little red bird. One landed on the fence right in front of me yesterday! Glad you had such a great weekend and days off work. I'm going for a mammogram this morning...zippity-do-dah...😊!

Terri D said...

I'm so excited to get my Go To Tote!! And I mentioned my 31 party to a couple of coworkers this morning and they are ready to buy!! Whoohooo! Anxious to get the catalogs and the link for the party, now! Thanks again for helping me get it set up.