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Friday Foto Friends

Friday Foto Friends

As I was going down Hwy 66 in Kodak, a guy on a bicycle was riding right down the road instead of the sidewalk. I snapped this at a red light when he went wizzing right through the light without a care. The people in Grandview who had a green light just happened to see him and waited before they pulled out. 

I followed him almost all the way to Sevierville before he turned and not one time did he slow down for yellow lights or stop for red. He was making me nervous, but I figured if I was behind him at least nobody would come up behind him too fast and hit him. Turns out it is legal to ride your bike int he middle of the road as long as you follow all traffic rules. Guess he didn't get the "stop for red lights" memo.

And my Friday mountain view on the way to work. I will never get tired of looking at that every morning.


Debbie Huffaker said...

The view driving into Sevierville/Pigeon Forge is gorgeous...if you don't look at the traffic....LOL I'm glad I don't have to drive it every day because I seem to get a bit stressed in traffic since I've gotten older....okay OLD!!! ;-) Thanks for joining again today....did you see the dishes yesterday? HOPE you have a great weekend.

Mary Hutchins said...

He's very fortunate not to have been run over!! Good pictures.

Nonnie said...

That is one of my pet peeves and although I know they are riding in the lane legally, it just seems wrong. And I encountered several this week, too, one of whom also rode straight through the intersection. Bah!

Sandi said...

People don't realize how invisible they can be. This is scary!

Sandi said...

Good for you for watching out for him.

Terri D said...

I have friends who are bike riders, but I get so aggravated (and concerned) for the ones who do as you saw. They are definitely supposed to obey all the laws, as if they were driving a car if they are riding on the streets. Rarely do they follow the laws of the road. Even more concerning is when a motorcyclist does the same. And yet they are the first ones to complain when someone gets hit and injured or killed. That man is lucky it was you behind him!!


Bikers, sometimes I question their sanity!!!!

And, yes, that's a gorgeous view of the mountain range.