Gravy and biscuits..

I don't know about other parts of the world, but in the South we love our biscuits and gravy. And not just for breakfast. Ask just about any Southerner and they will say they love to have breakfast for supper (which for those of you who do not speak Southern, supper is dinner to more refined folks).

I occasionally will have a hankerin' for breakfast for supper. Sometimes I want bacon and sometimes I want sausage and sometimes I have been known to make both. 

And a breakfast supper is not complete without biscuits. I am not a homemade biscuit kind of gal though. I like Hungry Jack to do all the work and I just pop the can and place them in the oven.  Sometimes it is buttermilk flaky but mostly it is southern style. 

And if I am having biscuits for supper there had better be gravy. But here is where my West Virginia roots show through. We do sausage gravy don't get me wrong. But Mom made a lot of bacon gravy when I was little so that's my favorite. It is simply equal amounts of flour and bacon grease made into a rue, then add salt, pepper and milk and cook it down. It is one of the rare completed homemade items I know how to make and actually tastes delicious. This popped up in my Facebook from 2 years ago when I made it. And that's what started me craving breakfast for supper.

Of course, add in some fried eggs and a skillet of hash browns and you won't have just breakfast. You will have a heart attack on a plate. But oh, it is so good. 

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Terri D said...

Heart attack on a plate....made me giggle. We love having breakfast for lunch OR supper! I don't make homemade biscuits either, but Hungry Jack works just fine for us too! Yum!