Monday, Monday

Had an awesome weekend with my granddaughter, Alexis. Check back tomorrow for some scenes from our evening out at Dixie Stampede on Saturday and Lumberjack Adventure on Sunday. It was an amazing time. 

I had to go grocery shopping today and ran with a friend over to Kohl's. I needed to find some more dress pants for work. Found exactly what I was looking for and they were on sale 1/2 price and they fit perfectly. So happy. Well, that's it for today. Getting ready to fix me some supper. I love grocery day when you buy tons of wonderful stuff to fix your favorite foods only to get home and not know what you want for supper. Time to go stare at the fridge and cabinet for inspiration.


Terri D said...

You and Alexis have the same smile! Beautiful! Giggling at your dinner dilemma. I do that too!

Nonnie said...

Love finding pants that fit and I do the same thing when buying groceries. I stock it all up and then wonder what there is for supper. You and your Alexis are so sweet.