Strange food combos

This is hysterical to me. I saw on the internet a new thing where earlier this year, it was announced as all the rage to put butter in your coffee. It's called bulletproof coffee. I'll let you Google it and read all the wonderful benefits of this "new" thing of putting butter in your coffee. 

I hate to tell them, but I have very fond memories of when I was little (over 50 years ago), Daddy had this one late night snack he liked to have. We would gather around him when he fixed it and beg for a bite and he never disappointed us. We would all share his concoction. He would fix coffee and add Carnation cream and a couple of pats of butter. Then he would tear up pieces of white bread and put it in his cup as well. You ate the bread with a spoon enjoying the wonderful flavor it got when it sopped up the coffee...with butter. How funny that 50 years later this is now a "NEW" thing. 

Daddy also liked to put cornbread in his buttermilk late at night for a snack. One of my brothers and my sister loved it, but OOO YUCK that was not something I ever tried. 

 But there was one thing we absolutely loved to do for Mom's leftover homemade biscuits. It involved Karo Dark Corn Syrup and butter. 

You would mix them together and make a sauce and dip your biscuit in it. It was so delicious. I still do that all the time. I had KFC for supper last night and my dessert was Karo & butter and my biscuit to dip in it. I always mix mine till it is almost like caramel. This was my snack last night and looking at it this morning, I'm wishing I had more biscuits. 

Have any of you ever had any of these weird combinations?


Sandi said...

This honestly sounds delicious! Funny how the new thing is so often the thing we've know about for years and years. Haha!

Terri D said...

Oh my, you brought back memories!! My dad didn't do the coffee and butter, but he would tear up bread and put it in a cup of milk and eat it as a snack at night. He also crumbled saltines in milk and ate it the same way. It was not something I enjoyed, but I do enjoy the memory of him doing it. Biscuits and syrup with butter...yes. Been there and done that! Kids are really missing out these days! Back when we didn't have money for chips and dips to be sitting around all the time, we snacked on what we had. Good memories!

Nonnie said...

Cornbread and buttermilk was something I loved as a kid. I haven't tried the butter in coffe, and your little treat reminds me of my dad loving his biscuits with sorghum.