Vintage heaven...

Last Monday, I visited four antique stores in one day. It was exhausting but extremely fun. That was the day I found some Corelle plates. One store had some Pyrex that I'm think I might go back and get next week if it is still there. I did take some pics of some of my favorite things I saw. To all my vintage collector followers, feel free to drool. Going back again my next day off.

If you like prowling through vintage linens and old kitchen utensils, this booth at Tudor House is a place you need to visit. 

One place we went is antiques and crafters mall. So there are booths that are antiques, new stuff, Americana, homemade, etc. One lady had all the new Pyrex Charm line. But she had it at the same price as the Corelle store and it wasn't in a box and didn't come with lids. I will just go to Corelle when I decide to get some.

This is some new Corelle/Pyrex as well. Aren't the colors beautiful.

I had one of these carts and sold it when I moved because I didn't have anywhere to put it. Then last week, I realized there is a spot I need one and it would fit. So now I need to go back and price this one.

Check out some of the Hazel Atlas in this one. Especially the striped glass. Why oh why did I not buy that.

I took a picture of this little table because I have one similar and it is just a dark walnut. I want to spruce it up. Don't know if I'll do blue or what, but I am going to do something to it.

My heart about stopped in this booth, until I looked at her prices. The small Pyrex 401 bowls that most places charge $8 - $12 for she had priced at $30 for one bowl!

Kicking myself for not going ahead and getting the snowflake Pyrex pan. It was a good price, but I wasn't in the snowflake mode that day. Now to just remember where I saw it!

Beautiful Cinderella sets with not so beautiful prices. Some were pushing close to $150 for the set. That averages about $37.50 per bowl. Hmmmm.....NO!

All in all, most of the antiques I saw were reasonable and I can't wait to go back again. 


Lady Jane said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. My mom had a lot of these dishes I see and she also had the metal stand with handles but it was yellow. I need to go out to these places around here but they are few and far between. It brings back some memories for sure. Enjoy your purchases. Hugs, LJ

Terri D said...

Looks like you had a fun day!! Great stuff in the photos!!

Nonnie said...

I guess I shouldn't have given away my Pyrex. I had no idea they were so valuable. Now all I have are clear glass Pyrex pie plates and cake pans. Those are all so pretty.

Mary Hutchins said...

My kind of store! Yep, I'm drooling!

Rachel said...

Love those stores! Next time I come down I'll have to check them out. 😊