Weekend Wrap Up

The only problem with weekends is they go by too fast. The good news is that my work week starts Sunday through Saturday. I was off Saturday from last week and they gave me Sunday and Monday as days off this week. So I ended up with a three day weekend. 

When I got home from work Friday evening, I saw a box on my porch. It was my FREE fall catalogs for going to conference. I am so excited to get these send out. This is my favorite catalog ever. I usually don't buy any Thirty-One, I just hold my own parties and earn everything I want for free as a hostess credit. So every year, I make out my wish list from the new catalog and set a goal how much I have to sell to earn all the stuff I want. Every year, there is about $200 - $300 I want really, really bad so I hold parties and through out the year, I normally get everything I wanted. That's how I can tell this is my favorite catalog ever, because I did my wish list the other night and found $750 worth of items I would just love to have. So I either need to cut down the wish list or do more parties this year. I vote for more parties because that would make me more commission. Which is a good plan. If I do $3600 in the next 6 months, I could get everything I want for FREE and end up with $900 commission on top of that. It's a win win.

I saw this sign on Facebook the other day and decided I need to find it somewhere because this is definitely for me!

Saturday, my daughter and I made a quick run to Walmart to pick up birthday gifts for Shelby. 

Saturday evening, I just spend a relaxing evening around the house and worked on sorting beads, pipe cleaners and key rings so the kids could make key chains during Children's Church. Sunday, I went to Sunday School and church.  Here is my Children's Church class displaying their key chains. 

Spent some time relaxing around the house after church. Sunday evening we went to Shoney's for Shelby's birthday party with the whole family there from both sides of her family. I was so thrilled when I saw they had the breakfast bar out. It was delicious. 

Afterwards, I had my daughter get my pic with my grandsons. Garret on my left, Caleb on my right and Colby in front of me. When did my boys get bigger than me? And I swear the two oldest ones, which are also my oldest grandchildren, practice NOT smiling for cameras. Because they turn their smiles off the minute you pull out a camera. :). Colby smiles all the time so he's always ready for a Kodak moment.

Then we took one of me and my granddaughters. Alexis on the left and Shelby on the right. I never have to worry about the girls. They don't mind getting their picture made.

My daughter kept saying "Just one more" of me and the girls. I couldn't figure out why until I saw she was waiting for our 5 year old photo bomber to make his move. Colby is a character. 

I had such a wonderful time. Made even better by the fact that I am off work today. Going to catch up my laundry and work on my Thirty-One fall season promotions. Then I have family from out of town coming to visit later today. It's going to be another great day. 


Terri D said...

What fun pictures of you and the grands!! Sounds like a perfect weekend, indeed!!

Sandi said...

Love the sign! Hahah!

And the grandkid photos! You are a weathy woman.