Friday Foto Friends

Hooking up today with Ms. Debbie at Friday Foto Friends on Jeremiah-2911.com.

It's that time of year when all things fall get me so excited. I am going to spend the day putting my fall decorations out in the house. Going to wait closer to October to do the outside so this horrible heat won't get my mums. But I did put a vase of fall flowers on my coffee table yesterday.

I was so excited the other day. On my way to work I stopped at the three story Corningware Outlet in Pigeon Forge. Lo and behond, there was my new Pyrex bowl with the black cats I've been looking for. It was even on sale so I got it for a little over $3.00. Even though it isn't Halloween yet, I just had to gather my stuff for my favorite fall snack mix.

You simply pour in your candy corn into your container. 

Leave enough room to cover the top of it with some honey roasted peanuts.

Stir it around really good. The end result is a chewy salty snack mix that tastes exactly like a Pay Day candy bar. This is my go to snack for fall. 

I did some shopping yesterday and will share that a later day. But this one item was too good not to tell you about today. I found this small vintage Spice of Life Corningware piece at Farmhouse Antiques. It was just $2.00. I was thrilled. I get it up to the counter and realized it was chipped. So I told her I didn't want it after all. The chip was small and on the outer part of the rim. She said, "That was in my booth. I didn't realize it was chipped. I never sell pieces that aren't in perfect shape so I will just be throwing this away. Do you just want it for free?"  Well, DUH! YES! Best buy of the day. I will use it for display but won't cook in it.


Debbie Huffaker said...

If I ever decide to downsize my Spice of Life I know who to ask first. 😄 Hope you feel better soon. Have a great weekend. Thanks for linking up today.

Mary Hutchins said...

WoW, what a bargain!! A little chip is okay, just gives the piece a little character. Have a great weekend!

Jan said...

Love the black cats! The peanuts and candy corn is such a good combination! Reminds me of a PayDay candy bar!

Terri D said...

I need to go look for that black cat bowl! So cute and that snack mix is delicious. I've made it before. Yum. How nice of that woman to give you the chipped piece of Corningware! Have a good weekend!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Love your little black cat dish...and the idea of mixing peanuts with candy corn tastes like a Payday? Really? I MUST try that because PayDay is MY most favorite candy bar ever!! Too bad about the little chip in the corning ware, but hooray you got it for free. Is it really not usable because of a little chip? Geepers, if I threw away everything I have that has a little chip in it I wouldn't have much left...Ha ha. Maybe I need to do just that...someday...and make room for more stuff! LOL. Happy Fall and thank you for sharing the candy idea. I can't wait to try it.

Nonnie said...

Love all the orange and so sweet of the lady to give you that piece of Corning.

Jedidja said...

Hallo, what a good idea. Seeking fall stuff! I will do it also. Love your 'flowers'.

annie said...

I love the old pyrex. They are great. My mother had the set with the blue flowers on them.
I am a candy corn fan and fall is a great time for that isn't it?
Glad to have found your blog through Friday Foto Friends :)

Mary said...

1. Hello, fellow East Tennessean!!!
2. I have that same pyrex that I received as a wedding present.
3. The candy corn mixed with peanuts is a favorite! You're right...it DOES taste just like a Pay Day!