Finding the good...

I was web searching for something the other day and this sign popped up in the search. What an amazing statement.

What if we only focused on the good in our life each day? What if as evening draws nigh, we reflect and find ONE good thing that happened to us that day. Nothing major. Just something simple that made you smile. Some challenge you faced and overcame. Something that could have been negative that you turned into a positive. 

Yes, we are not in control of what happens every moment of our life. But I serve a God who IS in control. And no matter what is thrown my way, I have been noticing that there is usually a ray of sunshine even in the gloomiest days. 

I woke up feeling really bad this morning with a headache, sore throat and just the general blahs. I am heading into work for my sixth day straight. Two of those days were 10 hour days. Needless to say I am worn down and exhausted.  It's one of those, "don't-feel-like-going-to-work-but-not-sick-enough-to-stay home" days. 

So I decided to look back over the past few days in my memory to remember some of the moments in my day that made me feel good.

1. There was a day when I had to interact with a group of about 13 Chinese women who couldn't understand English and definitely couldn't speak it. One lady and I were able to converse a little with a lot of hand motions and pointing. As I was speaking with her I tried to ask if they had been doing any shopping while they were in town. Thirteen heads jerked around my way. Thirteen smiling faces beamed from ear to ear and 13 women all started nodding and saying "Tomorrow. We shopping tomorrow." You just had to smile.

2. I went to Krispy Kreme to get me one original glazed after my lunch the other day. I pulled to the window and the lady said $1.29. I handed her my money and she says "I'm going to do something to make you happy." And she handed me a box with one dozen Krispy Kreme glazed donuts in it. She smiled and said for me to pay it forward. I took them to work and shared them with everyone. She made a dozen people extremely happy.

3. And yesterday I was assisting a couple who were listening intently to me. Then the lady says "You speak very fast and I am French and couldn't really understand what all  you were saying." She was so sweet about it that we all had a good laugh. I slowed down and she asked questions and we were able to overcome the accent barrier. I never really spoke to a real French person before and that is one place I have always wanted to travel so it was really nice meeting her. Even though the main thing I associate with France is my love of French toast which it turns out has nothing whatsoever to do with France. 

See how simple that was? I thought about the past few days and found three things that happened to me to make me feel good. You should try it. It's a lot better than focusing on the things that are negative in your life! 


Terri D said...

I sure enjoyed hearing your three happy things. They would have made me happy too...especially those free donuts!!

Mary Hutchins said...

Hope you feel better soon. Love your new blog d├ęcor!