Meet Calvin & Calvina

I am hooking up for Friday Foto Friends with Ms. Debbie at www.jeremiah-2911.com.

The other day I shared my sister's fall decor. Well, she sent me two more last night. A friend of hers has a sister who made this wooden scarecrow for Rachel. The lady that made him named him Calvin.

Then Rachel found this one when she was out shopping one day. She decided she needed a name, too. So she named her Calvina.

And like Ms. Debbie, I love photos of scenery. Every day is ever changing. My drive to work on Wednesday was a beautiful clear, blue sky. I love being able to see the mountains the whole time I drive to work. 

But I love the drive home as well.


Debbie Huffaker said...

Mercy, your hours seem to be really odd. No wonder you're worn thin and losing weight and have such a cold. You've gotta slow down and take better care of YOU!!! Thanks for sharing today...I love driving toward the mountains, too...but could so do without the crazy traffic on 66...yesterday was HORRIBLE and we made the mistake of going through about the time all the parents were going to pick up their kids. BAD IDEA!! Thanks so much for sharing. HOPE you have a great weekend.

Terri D said...

Calvin & Calvina are cute and those lovely scenes from your drive to and from work are gorgeous!! Have a good weekend!

annie said...

Those scarecrows are adorable! I have to look for one for my yard now.
Lovely photos of your drive. That sunset is so pink and lovely.

Rachel said...

I love pictures of scenery!