Since last Friday....

It's been a busy and somewhat crazy week since last Friday. Three of the grandchildren stayed all night on Friday night. Saturday I had to work and it was a full moon so it was a crazy wild work day.

I was so exhausted mentally and physically that I came home and had ice cream and peanut butter cookies. Don't judge. If you had been through the weird day I went through, you would understand.

Sunday, I went to my granddaughter Alexis's birthday party. Was able to get a few pics. I had to promise no Facebook posts, but blogging isn't that big a deal to them. The one on the right is my grandson Colby and in the middle is my grandson Caleb. The cute little fellow on the left is Kingston. He is Colby's cousin from his mom's side.

Right is my granddaughter, Alexis, the birthday girl. Can't believe she is 12. On her left is my granddaughter Shelby.

This is my first grandchild, my grandson Garret. He is 17 now. He doesn't like his pic taken so I just had to do a walk by photo shoot. Once he looked up, I just snapped. 

Monday we had a surprise visit at work from a lady at the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge. She brought us all a goodie bag. It had a Chic-Fil-A chicken sandwich, a package of cookies and a bag of chips. What a very thoughtful thing for them to do. 

Yesterday was the Senior Health Fair at work and we had a three show day. According to various pedometers of people I spend the day working with, we put about 5 or 6 miles of walking in when you counted how many trips up, down, in and out of the arena we did all day. Amazing success but we were exhausted.

Getting ready to head out to work to face the day. Who knows what's in store today.

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Terri D said...

I must say...you have so much more energy than I do!! Whew!! Loved seeing the photos of your grandloves! Ice cream and cookies...why not?!!