We've been lied to....

Our whole life, they have taught us that diamonds are a girls best friend.

They were wrong. In my book, pajamas are a girls best friend. I love a good day off when I plan on spending most of my day in my p.j.'s decorating my house for fall and working on a few crafts. Those are my plans for today.

And before you judge me wearing my p.j.'s all day, keep in mind that the most comfy pajamas nowadays is a pair of lounging pants and a t-shirt.  

But even if I get to spend my days in jammies, I will spend my evening in a different pair. Just can't work around the house and relax at night in the same jammies.

But whatever time of day it is, I love my jammies.


Debbie Huffaker said...

Our grand-kiddos call what you put on during the day your "day clothes"....they're little characters! I think RK is the only one who actually wears PJ's to bed...the boys...well, they're boys, what else can I say?!?!? LOL HOPE you enjoy your day off....I'm gonna get a professional haircut today. I've cut my own hair for YEARS and I'm thinking it's time for a bit of pampering...even gonna get an eyebrow wax...wowsers, I'm moving uptown! ;-)


I'll take a comfy pair of PJs all day long instead of a diamond also!! You got my vote!!!

Terri D said...

Oh, I LOVE PJ days!! Much better than diamonds!