Where did today go?

What happened to Thursday? Where did it go? I got up with full intentions of blogging. Decided to go to Farmhouse Antiques. It is near Walmart so I figured I might as well make a Walmart run. All that was in Jefferson City, a neighboring town. As I was driving back to my town, I decided to go get a haircut. Came home and decided to stop at store for my weekly shopping. Came home put up groceries and laid down for a minute (I have a head cold). Woke up two hours later and decided to eat. Decided to see if I had any posts on today's blog....that is when I realized it is 9:00 at night and I never even wrote a blog today. So now you know why I'm asking "Where did Thursday go?" Reminds me of a scene from Top Gun.....


Terri D said...

Oh boy, do I have days like that too! Sure hope you are feeling better tomorrow. You had a busy day, my friend!


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